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I have had the pleasure of working with Team Cosmic Bodies for the past two and a half years. Kyle and Lauren’s coaching style has been a perfect fit for my big goals! While Kyle has been my primary coach, Lauren has been along for every step of the way. By working with them for two competition seasons and an entire year-long improvement season, they have had the chance to get to know me and my body and we have developed a successful relationship. They guided me through two prep phases where I competed at the national level in both 2018 and in 2020. Once I stepped off the stage in 2018, I immediately knew I wanted to work with them to bring an improved physique to the stage the next time I competed. I spent the entire year of 2019 working towards that goal. At this point, I can proudly say the changes we brought to the stage were undeniable. We learned so much from the first prep phase and were able to apply it and highlight all of my improvements for this 2020 competition season. I am now in my reverse/post-diet phase, so I have been through all phases with them and have enjoyed all stages of this journey. They have given me such individualized attention and have taught me more than I could ever imagine during the process. I always feel so important when Kyle sends my weekly audio feedback and personalized adjustments. I feel so cared for and I am reassured that I made the right choice to join Team Cosmic Bodies two and a half years ago. I am so excited to see where the future takes me under their guidance!


Working with Lauren and Kyle has been nothing short of amazing. With their knowledge and expertise, they really took my physique to the next level and have been my main supporters through it all. Not only did they make sure I was prepared and stage ready, but they also made my mental and physical health a priority in order to preserve my longevity when it comes to competing. I had a successful prep and, thanks to Lauren and Kyle, have a plan going into my off season in order to achieve my next set goals.



Team Cosmic Bodies coaches Lauren and Kyle have helped me grow tremendously in so many ways since working with them. They have helped me set goals, gave me tools to make the best choices. Their insights and direction always lead me the right way. They care about my wellbeing (mentally and physically) along with my goals. Their knowledge unmatched. Lauren and Kyle are exemplary professional coaches focused on science based training! I really look forward to our continuing relationship. As to the value of your money, absolutely! Team Cosmic Bodies can help you reach your dreams and goals!


I have been working with Kyle and Lauren since May of 2019 and I have nothing but the best things to say about being coached by them. Kyle has been my main coach throughout my entire time on the team and although I have yet to compete he has been able to transform my physique. Let me start off by saying that before I joined team Cosmic Bodies I hadn't been on stage for a year since I turned pro. Kyle really took the time to get to know me and my preferences; taking into consideration my lifestyle, training style, blood work result, and nutrition habits. With all this he formulated a nutrition and exercise plan made to fit my goals. This year we set goals to get ready for my pro debut in the late summer; We started prep shortly after the pandemic; the first two months were tough since I had a hard time sticking to my macros. But eventually after three months I was nailing my prep and started to see the fat loss come off and my body taking shape. I am super proud and pleased of my hard work and dedication. I couldn't have done it without Kyle's guidance and support. Currently we decided to not compete this year. So we are reverse dieting to maintain this look and be ready to jump back in to prep towards the end of the year to compete at the start of 2021. Kyle is not just my coach, but a friend and mentor always telling me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. He is frank and honest, always inspiring me, believing in me, and pushing me to be my very best. I trust Kyle and Lauren and know that come stage day I will be presenting my very best physique yet. I really like their approach to coaching; it's practical, grounded, science based, taking into consideration not only your physical but mental well-being. They enjoy working with their clients on a long term basis; on prep and off prep as well as lifestyle. Being on this team teaches you how to have longevity in fitness and competing as a lifestyle in a mature and responsible way. 

IFBB Bikini Pro Diannelly

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