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About Us

Team Cosmic Bodies is a coaching service run by Lauren Dannenmiller and Kyle Burns. We use science based techniques in practical ways to help our clients and athletes accomplish their fitness goals. Always personal to their body, lifestyle and preferences. We offer coaching for lifestyle clients and physique athletes.


Kyle Burns

Kyle Burns has always participated in competitive sports; at the early age of 8 years old he played club travel soccer, which he continued throughout his teen years.  
He started lifting when he 15 years old, and at the age of 17 he found his passion in the weight room specifically training for drug free bodybuilding and powerlifting.  
“I have always been intrigued behind the science for building muscle and losing fat, I take this science and apply it in practical ways to help myself and others. I also have a passion for helping others achieve their goals, whether it is helping someone with their technique in the gym, getting stronger, growing muscle, losing body fat, I enjoy seeing people progress physically as well as mentally and emotionally.”

Kyle received a Bachelors of Science in Health and Exercise Science from the Colorado State University in May 2017. Following graduation, Kyle interned at the University of Maryland in their Strength and Conditioning weight room. In the last 6 years, Kyle has worked with many athletes, of all ages; & gained invaluable experience working with and learning from myriad coaches within the fitness and competitive bodybuilding industry.

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Lauren Dannenmiller

Lauren was born and raised in St. Petersburg Florida. She graduated at the University of South Florida in the Health Sciences. Lauren is a Professional bikini competitor in the IFBB pro league.

Growing up, Lauren was very competitive in track and cross county. After her competitive high school running career, Lauren found herself increasingly spending time in the weight room with her boyfriend Kyle. It was there that she discovered her love for lifting. She made immediate strength gains in all of her lifts and became further enamored with the sport as she watched her body rapidly transform with the help of Kyle.

In 2015 Lauren decided to do a bikini competition and after placing high at her first two shows she knew this was something she was good at and wanted to go far in. 

In 2017 Lauren competed in a regional show, The Florida Grand Prix, where she won her class and the overall. Lauren went on to 4 national shows that year, getting first call outs in every single show. After fixing some posing mistakes, Lauren won the Overall and her
Pro card at NPC Nationals 2017.

In 2019 and 2020 Lauren worked up her ranks in the IFBB Pro League and won her first pro show in 2021 at the IFBB Klash Pro. She is now 2021 Olympia qualified!!!

Lauren's passionate, focused and driven personality is reflected in her personal athletic pursuits, as well as her career as a coach and personal trainer.

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